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As a small family-owned veterinary hospital for the past 61 years, our approach to animal care is both personable and supportive. Our clients know their pets best, which is why we believe listening and building relationships helps us give the best care possible.

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We Are A full Service Veterinary Facility

Compassionate care is what pets and their owners come to expect at Central Animal Hospital. We take pride in providing the best in the industry and equip our facilities with the latest technologies. We know prevention is a very powerful thing. At Central Animal Hospital, we believe focusing on prevention is the most effective approach to pet wellness.

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Our accommodations are designed to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment.


A clean pet is a happy pet! Central Animal Hospital proudly provides on-site bathing services


Our experienced veterinarians are highly skilled in performing a variety of procedures.


A therapist’s goal is to identify the issues that are causing the pain or issue in the animal.


We are excited to be one of the few South Bay veterinary clinics to offer animal acupuncture.

Online Pharmacy

Order refills of your pet's prescriptions online, 24-7.

Pet Portal

Access your pet's health history or send a secure message to your doctor.

Pet Health

We are committed to providing you with the latest in pet health information.


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