We strive to keep your pet looking and feeling his best, even when you’re away.


Our accommodations are designed to ensure a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for your pet. The boarding experience is customized to each meet each pet’s needs. Dogs being boarded at Central are situated with fresh bedding in small (3’x4′), standard (8′ x 4′) or large (12′ x 4′) kennels; cats are housed in 3′ x 2′ cages. Our guests enjoy exercise at regular intervals throughout the day; dogs get individual walks and play time in an enclosed outdoor yard, and feline guests are given time to romp in our kitty play area. All boarded pets are fed a quality diet, in accordance with the owner’s instructions. Our caring staff observes all of our guests throughout the day, and our facility is protected by security monitoring after-hours. For our clients’ convenience, we can bathe boarded pets or perform required medical services—from major surgery to dental cleanings—prior to the pet’s departure.


Kitty Play AreaCentral Animal Hospital is ideally equipped to board pets that require an extra level of care, whether that entails administering medications and injections or treating eyes and ears with medicated solutions. All boarders, whether on medication or not, are observed by staff throughout their stay and are immediately examined by our medical staff if a health problem arises.


We have a limited number of boarding spaces available at our facility, and they tend to fill quickly, especially in the summer months. To secure a space for your pet, we encourage you to make your boarding reservation as early as possible. You can make a boarding reservation by logging into your Pet Portal, or by calling us at (408) 377-4043.


A clean pet is a happy pet! Central Animal Hospital proudly provides on-site bathing services to keep our feline and canine patients looking their best. Our Full Bath packages include a regular or medicated shampoo and conditioning, nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression. Clients taking advantage of Central Animal Hospital’s boarding services can, if desired, enjoy the convenience of having their pet bathed prior to pick-up.