5 Resolutions To Protect Your Pet’s Health This Year

By March 11, 2019 Blog

Perhaps you’ve set some resolutions for 2019, and maybe you’re already putting those into practice… (Go you!) But did any of those resolutions include goals for your pet? If not, we’ve got some suggested steps for optimizing the health of your furry family member this year.

Resolution 1: Lose those extra pounds

If your pet is one of the millions who are overweight, make this the year that you help him shed those extra pounds! Your vet at Central Animal Hospital can get you started with a weight-loss plan that fits your pet’s lifestyle and health needs. You can also find tips and tools for pet weight loss here.

Resolution 2: Make wellness a priority

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Regular wellness checks are essential to ensuring that pets’ detectable health issues are identified and treated as early as possible.  Staying on schedule with vaccinations is also critical to protecting pets against preventable diseases. Furthermore, our furry friends’ care needs change as they age, and your vet may advise you during the exam about important modifications in diet or routine that are necessary to supporting the pet’s continued health.  If your pet is due for a wellness checkup, you can schedule an appointment quickly and easily online, or call the clinic at (408) 377-4043.

Resolution 3: Maintain good dental hygiene

Both the AVMA and Central Animal Hospital’s veterinarians recommend having cats’ and dogs’ teeth professionally cleaned every year. You can learn more about the process involved in veterinary dental cleanings, the signs of developing dental problems, and conditions related to pets’ oral health at the AVMA website.

If your pet is due for a dental cleaning, get going on this important health resolution by scheduling one today. If you’re unsure whether a cleaning is necessary, stop by the clinic and a technician will provide an assessment at no charge. If a cleaning is recommended by our care team, you’ll receive 10% off the regular cleaning price by scheduling it the same day.

Resolution 4: Microchip your pet

A loose harness, a door left ajar, a natural disaster… There are innumerable ways that pets can wind up lost. Microchipping greatly increases the likelihood that you’ll be reunited with your beloved pet in such an event. The implanted chip, which can be read with a special scanner that most veterinary clinics and shelters have on site, provides the rescuer with the registered owner’s contact information. Don’t wait until it’s too late: if you haven’t microchipped your cat or dog, schedule this quick and important procedure today!

Resolution 5: Get peace of mind with pet health insurance

Accidents and illnesses happen, and we know you don’t ever want your pet to go without care due to cost.  Pet insurance alleviates this concern for many pet owners. A variety of companies offer pet insurance plans at a reasonable monthly premium; Central Animal Hospital recommends Trupanion. Regardless of which insurer you choose, sign up as soon as possible! Pre-existing health conditions are typically not covered by insurance, so it behooves pet parents to sign up for a plan before any health problems arise.
We know you want the best for your furry family members, and these five simple but critical practices will allow you to protect your pet’s health and safety through 2019 and beyond!

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