Professional Pet Grooming for Dogs and Cats (We Love Cats!)

Come and visit Central Animal Hospital in Campbell if you are looking for professional grooming services. Safe shampoos selected to give your pet the best clean skin and fur. We include nail trimming, ear cleaning and more. To be safe, we include a Doctor’s health assessment of your pet before we start to ensure we get to know them and be sure we are using the friendliest bathing techniques and soaps. For dogs or cats that may require sedation, we will evaluate your pet for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

  • Bath with appropriate shampoo/conditioner for each pet
  • Haircut with a professional groomer
  • Nail trim/Ear cleaning/Anal gland expression (if needed)
  • Sedation under the supervision of a veterinarian

And for a limited time, we are including our Doctor’s Exam for no charge for your dog’s or cat’s first grooming visit!


professional pet grooming for dogs and cats
professional pet grooming for dogs and cats

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