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Central Animal Hospital is well-equipped for most surgical procedures, from spays and neuters to more complicated orthopedic and soft-tissue surgeries. Because not all problems can be detected by examination, we adhere to AAHA recommendations of pre-anesthetic blood and urine testing. These tests not only give us a more complete picture of your pet’s health, but also allow us to prepare an anesthetic regimen customized for your pet.

We offer a wide variety of anesthetic protocols. We use state-of-the-art anesthetic machines and employ a variety of anesthetic monitoring devices. An intravenous (IV) catheter placed in your pet’s leg enables us to deliver fluids during the surgical procedure and recovery period. Since most anesthetic agents can cause blood pressure to drop, delivering fluids prior to and during surgery is important. The IV catheter also allows quick access to your pet’s circulatory system in case an emergency arises and requires immediate treatment.

Our hospital is also well-equipped for many orthopedic procedures. Our doctors have experience in successfully repairing torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL), the most common knee injury in dogs and cats, as well as other common maladies.

Pain management is also a very important component of mitigating surgical discomfort for your pet. All surgical patients, including those undergoing routine procedures such as ovariohysterectomy or castrations, receive pain-control medication. We urge you to talk to our staff about the ways pain-management protocols benefit your pet and speed recovery.

Dental care

Why is dental care important for pets? The American Veterinary Dental Society reports that 80 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats show signs of oral disease by age three. Besides affecting the mouth, this disease can lead to more serious health problems including heart, lung, and kidney disease, which makes it all more the important that you provide your pets with proper dental care from the start.

What is periodontal disease?  Periodontal disease is an infection of the tissue surrounding the teeth that takes hold in progressive stages. Initially, bacteria cause tartar which leads to plaque build-up. If unchecked, this build-up can form an infection around the root of the tooth. In the final stages, the tissue around the tooth erodes and the tooth becomes loose. This is a very painful process for our pets.

Central Animal Hospital also has advanced digital dental x-rays available to allow for the early diagnosis and treatment of this potentially serious and painful disease.

What will happen during the dental visit? Depending on the age of the pet, a current exam and blood work will be needed to check for any potentially dangerous heart, kidney or other conditions. A short-acting anesthetic will be administered so that the teeth can be cleaned thoroughly.  The technician will then scale and polish the teeth and extractions will be performed if necessary.

(Digital) X-rays on-site

We have complete (digital dental and general)x-ray capabilites and a well-trained staff who perform these procedures safely.  In addition, Central is one of a very few hospitals with a Board-Certified Radiologist on staff to review and consult with our doctors as the need arises.

Ultrasound on-site

Our Board-Certified Radiologist performs our Ultrasound examinations including Cardiac Ultrasound. This is a very important diagnostic tool which adds greatly to our ability to successfully evaluate pets with hidden ailments including serious heart conditions.

In-house lab and pharmacy

In addition to our overnight professional laboratory service, we offer complete in-house lab capabilities for our acutely ill and urgent care patients. Results are usually available within 1-2 hours if needed.


We are proud of our bathing and grooming facilities. Give us a try and see if you don’t agree!

Boarding and Special Needs Boarding

Central Animal Hospital offers large runs with natural ventilation for a comfortable stay for your pet while you are away for whatever reason. In addition, our Special Services Boarding allows for administration of medications and daily observation of your pet by a technician and/or doctor if requested.