How do I know if my dog has an ear problem?

Fri, 15 July 2011 by Dr. Fincher

Often called ‘OTITIS’ ‘TAKE A WHIFF’–a sour smell isoften the first indication of Otitis.  Also, shaking and scratching at the ears with associated redness. Not sure?  email us at with your questions  or make an appointment with us. The general term otitis refers to inflammation of the ear. The ear consists of three regions:

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Weight Control and Joint Care for Pets

Tue, 05 July 2011 by Dr. Fincher

Weight control Maintaining your pet at a healthy weight helps prevent or minimize a variety of health risks including arthritis, joint problems, diabetes, heart disease, and breathing problems. Healthy weight is achieved and maintained through a balanced diet and exercise. If your pet is overweight, our veterinarians can create a weight-loss plan specific to your

Pet Dental Cleanings

Wed, 29 June 2011 by Dr. Fincher

The importance of routine dental care cannot be stressed enough. Proper dental care actually helps prevent many health problems as your pet ages. Our wellness exams always include a thorough examination of the mouth. Preventive care When early tartar buildup is diagnosed, we can offer some preventive care. This might include one or more of

Wellness Care for Adult Pets

Wed, 22 June 2011 by Dr. Fincher

Wellness care refers to: • Wellness exams (once or twice a year) • Annual blood work • Examining fecal samples to check for parasites • Preventive vaccinations When you consider that pets age roughly seven years for every one year people age, bringing your pet in for an exam twice a year would be equivalent

Parasites: You and Your Pet

Fri, 13 May 2011 by Dr. Fincher

Despite the availability of effective treatments, parasites remain a common fact of life for dogs and cats. Most companion animals have the potential for contact with parasites multiple times a day, all year long. Since some of the parasites that infect your pet may also infect people, you have the opportunity to maintain both the