Is Old Age a Disease?

Tue, 12 March 2013 by Dr. Fincher

To answer the question posed in the title, absolutely, unequivocally, NO! But why do I ask? I’ll admit, its very easy for those of us in the veterinary profession to fall into the mind set that old age is a disease and diagnose our geriatric patients with “OA” (not osteoarthritis for those acronym savvy readers).

“Statistics from the American Veterinary Dental Society report at least 80% of dogs and 70% of cats by age three show signs of periodontal (gum) disease.” Dogs and cats have teeth (“duh, doc!”)… I know this is a painfully obvious statement but many times over I see animals whose teeth are literally rotting in their

Is this an accident or is my pooch punishing me?

Tue, 06 November 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Accidents happen.  This being said, nobody likes when they happen and most people want to keep them from happening as much as possible.  This is universally the case when those accidents involve urine (or feces) on any surface in our home, be it rug, wall, lamp or bed. As a veterinarian, I have to be

Why’s my cat thinking (urinating) outside the box?

Wed, 17 October 2012 by Dr. Fincher

As I start on this particular blog entry, I do so with great trepidation.  There is nothing more complex and frustrating for owner (and often veterinarian!) than a cat who is doing their business somewhere other than the litter box, especially when it’s places like your shoes or, heaven forbid, your bed!  I give a

The Down and Dirty on Giardia

Wed, 19 September 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Interesting fact: In North America, Giardia is the most common intestinal parasite in humans. OK, maybe you, my pet owner audience, doesn’t find that particularly interesting.  However, when you stop to consider that our pets may be carriers of this nasty little bug, I bet your ears perk up a little!  Lets get the down

The Obesity Epidemic

Wed, 16 May 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Even though we know that owners hate hearing it and we always feel a little bad saying it, one of the most common phrases I utter as a veterinarian is as follows; “Fluffy/Scruffy/Bobo is a bit overweight.”  We try to spare your feelings as best we can, but when it comes down to it, our

Introducing Dr. Meghan Fincher

Wed, 11 April 2012 by Dr. Fincher

I thought I would use this first blog entry to introduce myself;  I am Dr. Meghan Fincher.  I recently joined the staff at Central Animal Hospital and am very excited to be a part of this talented team!  My family and I moved to the Bay Area last June from Kansas where I was a

How to Care for your Aging Dog

Fri, 02 September 2011 by Dr. Fincher

A dog that is seven years or older is considered middle- to senior- aged. Like humans, when dogs reach their ‘golden years’, their movements and metabolism start to slow. Their bodies have difficulty absorbing nutrients, and their joints and muscles become weaker. They will also start graying around the face, and their eyes become cloudy. They become more

How to Take Care of Your Cat’s Teeth

Fri, 26 August 2011 by Dr. Fincher

Seventy five percent of cats develop serious dental problems over the course of their lives.  Teeth and gum infections can cause pain, result in losing teeth and even damage to internal organs. These dental problems can be avoided through preventive oral hygiene techniques. The most common of these is Periodontitis. When tartar starts to build