Is this an accident or is my pooch punishing me?

Tue, 06 November 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Accidents happen.  This being said, nobody likes when they happen and most people want to keep them from happening as much as possible.  This is universally the case when those accidents involve urine (or feces) on any surface in our home, be it rug, wall, lamp or bed. As a veterinarian, I have to be

Why’s my cat thinking (urinating) outside the box?

Wed, 17 October 2012 by Dr. Fincher

As I start on this particular blog entry, I do so with great trepidation.  There is nothing more complex and frustrating for owner (and often veterinarian!) than a cat who is doing their business somewhere other than the litter box, especially when it’s places like your shoes or, heaven forbid, your bed!  I give a

The Down and Dirty on Giardia

Wed, 19 September 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Interesting fact: In North America, Giardia is the most common intestinal parasite in humans. OK, maybe you, my pet owner audience, doesn’t find that particularly interesting.  However, when you stop to consider that our pets may be carriers of this nasty little bug, I bet your ears perk up a little!  Lets get the down

Beating the Bloat

Wed, 29 August 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Many large or giant breed dog owners have surely heard the term “GDV” thrown around and closely associated with “Bloat”  and may wonder exactly what that means.  GDV stands for Gastric Dilation Volvulus and occurs when the stomach rotates on itself after filling with gas or large amounts of food.  As you may imagine from

Lumps, Bumps and Masses, OH MY!

Thu, 16 August 2012 by Dr. Fincher

We see lots of lumps and bumps in the veterinary profession, some are supposed to be there and some are not.  The first set of such “lumps” that I’ll touch upon this week are also commonly known as “testicles”.  Now, male pet owners, please do not be offended by the following, I only have your

Noise Phobic or Just Needy?

Mon, 16 July 2012 by Dr. Fincher

The day when the sky explodes has just passed (I figure that’s how our noise sensitive friends feel), I thought I’d take this opportunity to give some info, hints and tricks to help Independence Day pass with a little less trauma to all next year. Before we touch on suggestions, I’d like to try to

Over the Rainbow Bridge

Mon, 25 June 2012 by Dr. Fincher

I love my pets.  I enjoy how Bentley says “helloooooo” in his funny little howl when I haven’t paid enough attention to him.  I like how Nessa lets the kids roll around on her and can’t get enough attention (ok, maybe I don’t like that all the time, but it is endearing!).  My favorite is

Creepy Crawlies

Thu, 07 June 2012 by Dr. Fincher

Parasite Prevention I don’t like creepy crawlies.  They give me the heebie jeebies.   After I see a flea on an exam table I confess, I feel a little itchy for the rest of the day.  I don’t think I’m alone in these feelings; I’ve heard many an owner shudder with disgust when describing the worms,

Hot Eats or Cool Treats

Thu, 24 May 2012 by Dr. Fincher

This story starts on a snowy day in Kansas.  It’s evening and despite the below freezing temperatures, biting winds and foot of snow on the ground, nature calls and the dogs need to answer.  After several minutes, Bentley requests to be let in and Nessa comes running when called.  Before my husband lets her in,