The Vaccines Your Pet Needs Most

Fri, 04 August 2017 by Dr. Fincher

August is National Pet Immunization Awareness Month, and (as we do during the other 11 months of the year,) we want to remind you that immunizations are not just important: they’re lifesaving! Pet owners are sometimes skeptical, however, when they encounter a list of “recommended vaccinations” that’s longer than a dachshund. A pet can’t possibly

Acupuncture has been a core healing practice in Chinese medicine for 3000 years. That kind of staying power isn’t surprising, when you consider the broad healing benefits that consistently result from it… and not just for humans! Acupuncture, which entails placing tiny needles into the skin at key trigger points on the body, has proven

Anatomy of a Wellness Exam

Mon, 08 May 2017 by Dr. Fincher

To the untrained eye of a pet parent, a wellness exam may seem cursory: a quick poke-and-prod, and the “clean bill of health” – hopefully – is signed. But there’s more going on in a wellness exam than you may realize, and what looks like a simple squeeze or a quick peek is often a

Why You Should Vaccinate Your Indoor Cat

Mon, 08 May 2017 by Dr. Fincher

In a perfect world, our indoor cats would stay safely sheltered in our homes.  Unfortunately, unforeseen incidents (including cats venturing outdoors!) do happen, and to protect the cat’s health, it’s important to prepare him with two important vaccinations. One vaccination I strongly recommend (unless contraindicated by your veterinarian for a medical reason) is the rabies vaccine.  Not

Aging happens to the best of us. Before you know it, physical activities that used to be a piece of cake, like getting up off the couch after watching your favorite show, becomes so much work, you decide its just easier to stay put and watch another show. For our dog friends, we are pained

Preparing Your Pups For A New (Less Furry) Baby

Wed, 02 July 2014 by Dr. Fincher

As a mother of three, I am well acquainted with that wonderful feeling that is discovering that you’re going to be a mom (or dad) for the first time. I am also intimately familiar with the feeling of utter panic that sets in along the way. For me, my animals’ adjustment to the new baby

A 2009 survey by the Travel Industry Association of America found that more than 14% of U.S. adults had traveled with their pets in the previous three years (dogs being the most common travel companions, comprising 78% of pet travelers). The Hospitality industry quickly caught on to this trend, as evidenced by the pet-friendly attractions

We love our smartphones. Mobile technology empowers everyone to make informed decisions, stay organized, connect with others, and get answers to pressing questions in a matter of seconds. As Apple’s commercial correctly says: whatever the subject, “there’s an app for that”. And to pet owners, few subjects are as important as our animals! In the

Buckle Up

Tue, 05 November 2013 by Dr. Fincher

A little safety advice for the upcoming Labor Day weekend, from your friendly veterinarian… Ever since I was a little kid, the phrase “buckle up!” was drilled into me to the point where I would click that buckle in place without even realizing I had done it.  For human occupants, 32 states have seat belt