Angel Fund

About the Angel Fund

The Angel Fund’s mission is to help stray and abandoned animals receive proper medical attention.

The services, rendered by our experienced veterinary staff and caring veterinarian technicians, involve diagnostic evaluations including X-rays, blood work, hospitalization and nursing care. We begin by formulating treatment plans to ensure appropriate wound care, surgery and/or medication as needed.

We donate our professional services to the recipients of the Angel Fund. Any necessary medication, lab work, treatment, care and feeding will be provided at a discounted rate.

Candidates for the fund will be selected based on medical need, potential for a favorable outcome, and adopt-ability. The decision-making team include our owner, associate doctor, office manager and a staff representative.

Helping out

One of our long time clients, Chari Angeles, came in not long ago with a “new” cat. She explained that the cat did not really belong to her but instead lived with a group of feral cats near her house. She noticed the cat limping due to some sort of injury. Being a true and caring cat lover, Chari couldn’t stand to see the injured cat suffer, knowing that without medical care the injury might not heal properly, leaving the cat in constant pain. Chari decided to try to catch the cat to bring her in for help. Normally, catching feral cats is a very difficult and risky business but this cat was actually quite friendly and allowed herself to be brought in for treatment. We now believe that the cat is actually not a feral but an abandoned domestic cat. As our staff members listened to Chari’s story, they decided this might be a good time to use our Angel Fund, whose mission is to help stray or abandoned animals receive medical attention. The decision was quickly made and the medical treatment was provided by our Angel Fund. Chari later brought the cat back to be spayed, which the fund also took care of. Chari and her two daughters had originally named the cat Rose but changed the name to Angel, in honor of our humanitarian fund. We are pleased to report that Angel has made a complete recovery from her injury and is doing very well.

Chari commented “…in my 12 years of taking care of feral animals, this is by far my most rewarding experience yet.”

We are grateful to Chari for taking care of an abandoned animal and glad that we could help.