We take care of your pet with non-routine surgeries at more affordable prices. Central Animal Hospital focuses on providing these special care services, with complete pre- and post-surgery services.

Affordable Surgeries For Pets

  • ACL repair (Extracapsular method) for the knee
  • FHO (Degenerative bone diseases of the hip requiring removal of head of femur to reduce chronic pain and improve mobility)
  • Perineal urethrostomy in cats (The sex change operation for male cats suffering from repeated urethral blockages)
  • Medial Patella Luxation (Replace and regroove the patella to improve gait and reduce pain associated with this congenital condition)
  • Fracture repair of front legs and rear legs in small dogs
  • Uterine Infection (Pyometra)
  • C-section (When lives of puppies are endangered)
  • Bladder Stones (Cystotomy) for dogs/cats suffering from stone formation in Urinary Bladder leading to difficulty or inability to urinate

All surgical services are completed to 100% safety and care, no shortcuts are taken. Our staff consists of general surgeons and board certified surgeons who will operate on your pet. We care for your pet in these important, critical care situations, but provide them at a little lower prices so you don’t need to worry about affording proper care for your pet.


The cost is all inclusive including, when indicated, Pre Surgical Blood Screen, X-Rays and Board Certified Radiological interpretation, Anesthesia, monitoring, pain medications (Pre-Post and at home), other medications as needed. And routine post surgical exams (usually two)